The production of unique formula fertilizer

       The current agricultural development is in the period of great changes, healthy agriculture is the basic direction of agricultural development, healthy planting is particularly important. 
       Shandong Billionthai Gold Benefit Import And Export Co.,Ltd. adheres to the concept of green organic development, takes natural and renewable high-quality kelp from Jiaodong Peninsula as raw material, adopts the most advanced enzymatic hydrolysis technology in the world, extracts the active substances of seaweed, to produces various organic seaweed series fertilizers, and humic acid, amino acid, NPK fertilizers, functional fertilizers, etc. 
       We can produce unique formula fertilizers based on the local habits of different customers in different countries, and we are committed to developing and marketing a new of nutrient-biologically-combined products that maximize nutrient efficiency, productivity and sustainable soil fertility. It aims to help improve soil quality in a way of protecting agriculture's planting greatest asset, and serves the global agricultural industry. Our high quality products are widely used in organic and sustainable agricultural production worldwide, and are used and recognized by more than 30 countries from Europe, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, USA, etc. 
Welcome to join us in our joint efforts for global organic, sustainable and healthy agriculture!