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organic granule fertilizer  
       Granule is refined from corn as the major raw material without adding any chemical substances, made through sophisticated spraying granulation process after the concentration of the bio-fermentation and refinery of MSG extract. It is a kind of harmless organic fertilizer with rich amino acid. Besides NPK content, it also provides organic matter to soil and improve soil condition. This product has 45% to 50% water solubility. Due to the competitive price, it could be the ideal replacement of normal compound NPK fertilizer.

Specification :
       Total NPK: 10% 
       Amino acid: 8%
       Seaweed extract : 5% 
       Organic matter : 40%
       Water solubility : 80%
       Size :2-4mm
Application :
       It can be used at the beginning of vegetative growth and after transplanting, at the flowers development, and in all critical phases of the vegetative cycle when cultivations need timely available nutrients  .150kg/ha .

Package :


       Customized package

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