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Amino Acid Powder 40%
        Amino Acid is extracted from plant source(soybean), contains high amino acid nitrogen and protein, the product can be applied both in agriculture area and animal feed. Right now, the products are widely used by our customers with very good feedback.
       Plant source amino acid powder contains 16-18 types of compound amino acid, as well as many other types of microorganism metabolite that give the product very high bioactivity.
       Amino acid fertilizer has been widely used, such as rice, corn, cotton, peanut, apple, pear, litchi, grapes and so on. It is necessary for crop growth.

       Amino acid : 40%
       Nitrogen : 12%-16% 
       Water solubility : 100% 

Application :
       Drip irrigation or spray foliar well .

Package :
       20kg/kraft bag 

       Customized package 1kg,2kg ,5kg .

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