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100% Seaweed Extract Highly-Concentrated Liquid 
       OMRI Seaweed Extract Liquid is 100% Pure Alganic Extract ,highly-concentrated ,which is a kind of natural polysaccharides that existing in marine seaweed, it is the main component of seaweed. We extracts alginate slurry from natural seaweed by using deep enzyme hydrolysis wall breaking technology. Seaweed that undergo deep enzymatic hydrolysis, the cell wall was sufficiently crushed, so that the intracellular solutes are fully released. It contains alga polysaccharides ,free amino acid ,mannitol ,glycine betaine ,vitamin .It is a new type plant growth regulator.Our Seaweed Extract Liquid get OMRI Listed (USA) ORGANIC CERTIFICATE ,can be used in all modern agriculture .

Specification :

       Alginic acid : 60-90 g/L
       Organic matter :100-150g/L
       Total Nitrogen : 80g/L
       Phosphorus (P2O5): 20g/L
       Potassium (K2O): 60g/L
       Total Amino acid : 20g/L
       Micro elements :5g/L
       Natural Plant Auxin : 300-600ppm
       PH : 6-8
       Water solubility : 100% 

Benefit :
       1.Promote root growth ,increase leaf area and photosynthesis 
       2.Expand fruits ,color bright .
       3.Improve setting fruits rate .
       4.Enhance plants stress resistance ,especially resist bad weather ,cold ,hot ,wind ,dry .
       5.Improve fertilizer and pesticide efficiency .
       6.Improve crop quality and yield up to 15%-30% 
Application :
       1.Can be used as raw material to compound other kind fertilizer
       2.Directly used as foliar fertilizer ,dillute 500-600 times on crops .
       3. Notice: Seaweed extract belongs to alkaline matter. Complicated chemical reaction will happen when mixed with high concentration of acidic product. Structure and property will be changed, even phytotoxicity will be caused. Usually, avoid to mix with organic phosphorus, organic chloride and missable oil.
       4.If mixed with un-chelated or un-complexed divalent metal ion (such as copper ion), flocculation precipitation reaction will happen between alginic acid and metal ion.

Package :
       1.200L/drum 1000L/drum 

       2.customized package 500ml/ bottle ,1L/bottle ,5L/drum with cartons 

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