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Calcium 160
       Sugar Alcohol Calcium 160 is a new technology  by natural sugar alcohol chelated technology ,which is  currently the only product that can carry mineral nutrients for rapid transport in the phloem of plants.Don't need any energy consumption can directly penetrate the phloem and xylem dual channel transmission, low molecular weight, easily being absorbed by leaf, absorptivity 2-3 times that of ordinary calcium fertilizer, is rich in algae active substances and trace elements, vitamins, etc., adjusting plant endogenous hormone balance, improve crop immunity and drought resistance, cold resistance, resilience, inhibit the occurrence of fungal diseases.

Specification :
       Calcium : 160g/L
       Total organic matter : 150g/L
       Density : 1.4

Benefit :
       1.Resistance to premature aging: Prevent premature aging of leaves and delay the fruits senescence
       2.Prevent Disease :Anti -  fruit cracking , pellagra, prevent water core disease, rot core disease, bitter pit,blossom-end rot, wilt disease
       3.Brighten Fruits:Increased fruit peel toughness, good color, bright fruit
       4.Shelf-Stable:Extend fruit storage period and maintain fruit storage quality

Application :
       By foliar Spray : dillute 1500-2000 times  by water ,spray on leave directly .Apply 2-3times in the whole growing period ,one time apply about 2L/ha .

       500g/1000g/200L drum 

       Customized package

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